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THE Practice

Our Goal is to show our commitment by caring for you.  Educating our patients about a Natural Care approach we promote the body's ability to heal itself, without the use of drugs or surgery.  Using the latest Chiropractic techniques we are able to care for you in a family friendly, neighborly and caring atmosphere.   
Innate Intelligence is the body's natural ability to control all bodily functions.  "Innate Intelligence" happens automatically without you having to think about healing at all.  Controlling things like your heart rate, breathing, digestion and tissue healing.  For example, if you cut yourself your body clots the blood, causes tissue to swell, sends white blood cells to fight infection and lays down scar tissue eventually healing the cut.   
The Nervous System controlls the entire body from the top of the head to the pinkie toe. Almost every nerve in your body has to send messages back and forth from the brain through your spine so it is important that the Spinal Cord is completely protected by the Skeletal Spine.
Jeffrey Conner, D.C.
Dr. Conner graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas and has been practicing here in Arizona since 1995.  
Out of high school Dr. Conner played professional baseball in the minors for 10 years.
After pitching for about 5 years he injured his shoulder.
Diagnosed with Tendinitis and following a regiment of drugs and rest his shoulder did not recover to pre-injury form.  While listening to a radio show of a chiropractor talking about shoulder injuries he decided to give Chiropractic Treatment a try.
After 1 visit for diagnosis and treatment of a weakened Deltoid muscle he was on the road to recovery and pitched another 5 years without any shoulder problems.  Dr. Conner learned and felt there were better ways to heal injuries than with only traditional medical practices so after his baseball career he decided to help people the way he had been helped and became a Chiropractor.
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